Tour Highlights

  • Taste Italian culinary gems, guided by local experts
  • Discover Dupont Circle’s top sites, including many foreign Embassies
  • Our goal is for you to be pleasantly full
  • Those with vegetarians and gluten-free dietary needs are welcome
  • Walking culinary tours will enrich your trip or staycation…join us!

Here’s the Scoop

  • Food Portions
  • Unique Venue
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Mocktails
  • Food Ambassadors
  • Historic & Architectural Sights
Key Details
  • 7 days a Week
  • Pricing Varies
  • 6 Eateries Included
  • Rain or Shine
  • Get specials/swag
  • Custom neighborhood flavors
  • Duration: Flexible
  • 60-1000 Guests per Group

Tour Highlights

  • Taste Italian culinary gems by foot with local experts
  • Discover Dupont Circle’s top sites and many foreign Embassies
  • Our goal is for you to be pleasantly full
  • Vegetarians and Gluten-free are welcome
  • Walking culinary tours will enrich your trip or staycation…join us!!!

Our Indoor Food Tour

Our Italian Tour of Dupont Circle is under two miles during which we taste Italian cuisine and burn off calories walking and learning about the neighborhood culture, history, and archeticuture of Dupont Circle with the added bonus of exposing Washington DC’s past discovering unique Italian culture. A knowledgeable guide with a passion for food takes you on a journey to learn about the architecture, history, and culture of the area while stopping for four portions to taste local Italian cuisine along the way at local eateries large enough for a meal. Discover the 1800’s Italian population and how they first settled in Washington DC. We pay tribute to this history by sharing the Italian origins of DC while exploring the popular Dupont Circle neighborhood chowing down on Italain cuisine unexpectly available at our finger tips. We’ll take in the sites, culture and sample some of DC’s best Italian eateries along the way. On the tour, our guests eat learn and enjoy the city. 4-5 Portions, water, and two pairings are included. This is experience is the replacement of lunch. Tours are in English – Languages in Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese please request an interpreter in advance of purchase at an additional costs

Our Indoor Food Tour

Indoor food tours are a fantastic way to encourage team building, socializing, and interaction amongst the group. Our signature Indoor Food Tour combines all of the elements that make our walking food tours so much fun, but brings it all to you under one roof.  It’s basically a food festival in a historic venue in Washington DC with brilliant tour guides that can talk to you about anything and everything related to the food, the venue space and DC.


You will indulge in delicious bites and beverages from diverse eateries and specialty food shops that are celebrated in Washington DC’s food scene.  You will also learn a lot about the food you are eating. Your Indoor Food Tour will be located in a historical building with a ton of history like President Lincoln’s Cottage or the Whittemore House and we will provide guided tours of the venue space.  



  • 6 eateries showcasing signature dishes, enough to be pleasantly full
  • Optional libations to integrate more fun
  • Plenty of variety to accommodate food preferences
  • We accommodate most allergies and aversions


History & Interaction:

  • Engage with the faces behind the restaurants you love
  • Food demos and one-on-one interactions taking place with small business owners and managers
  • Raffles and prizes
  • DC trivia on the back of the menu to foster interaction



Day of our tour it was hot, feeling like 101*F. Arrived with my gf and met our smiling and friendly tour guide named M&M. She took great care of us, ready with sunscreen and a spray fan to help us brave the heat to get from the best rissoto I’ve had to the prosciutto that melted in my mouth, and had plenty of backstories and interesting facts. Sweet tour.yalesaxy


My fiancee went on a tour and we had a great time. Despite living in the DC-area for the past few years, we hadn’t tried most of the restaurants we visited. Each served delicious food and there was plenty of it, definitely more than enough for a complete meal. Dave was funny, kind, and considerate of the pace and preferences of each person in our group. We have family coming to visit in a few months and will definitely recommend this activity. Thanks, DC Mangiapaulionus


OK so I’ve been in DC for five years and have done my fair share of foodie sourcing across the city. I took the Italian Food Tour and must say after going to school for Italian Studies, I was a skeptic at first, but blown away by the time we finished. From the history of DC’s Italian culture and learning Dupont Circle’s architecture to the tasty Italian cuisine that wasn’t pasta. I’ve been on food tours that have 7 stops and small bites…those are good but usually have average tastings. Its really evident this company did their homework. The guide was interesting and informative. Recommending this to my people and everyone coming in the city. Best of all I know my money is being well spent. They donate a portion of the ticket I paid for to So Others Might Eat S.O.M.E. a local charity that feeds the homeless.Come on this tour… its 110% worth it.ashley

Italian tour of DuPont was . Maddie was friendly, knowledgeable and she made the tour fun! 3 stops plus walking between left us “comfortably full.” Loved the risotto @ Darlington House (which isn’t British despite the name) and I really enjoyed the fun facts she shared. We’re going to have to check out the Georgetown food tour next!christine p.


“My wife and I went on our second trip with Mangia DC, and it was even better than our first trip (which was already great). The tour guide was knowledgeable about the area and all the food we had was fantastic. The portions at the 4 restaurants were really good, and I felt like I had a full meal along with the tour. If you go on the weekend, check out the hours for the DuPont Circle farmers market which was right near the start of the tour.

My wife and I would definitely recommend Mangia DC tours to folks coming into town, or if you are a DC native looking for a nice weekend activity.”jonathan w.


We had such a fun time in our tour! Delicious Italian food & a great way to learn more about DC. Highly recommend it, you can go with a group of friends or take someone on a date!claudette


Amazing food and very knowledgeable tour. They know a lot about the culture and the city, itself. It is a great opportunity to explore one of the more vibrant areas of DC, and try some very delicious local fare. Extra fun in Dupont, because the food is served in a traditional Italian way, I was very comfortable and had fun with everyone that I experienced it with. In fact, I LOVED this tour so much when I went as a guest, that I have decided to become a guide!madeleine

I’ve been living in D.C for two years and I saw the side of DuPont Circle I have never seen before! The tour was AMAZING, the tour guide very professional, and the food was very tasty. Overall it was a GREAT experience.Carly g


My college age daughter and I spent several wonderful hours exploring the DuPont Circle area with great food and company. Dave was excellent as a guide! Laid back, knowledgable and fun! Food at the three restaurants was authentic and hit the spot!michael k.

I live in DC and was surprised to learn how many local Italian places there are. I loved how the tour guide gave a history of the DuPont Circle neighborhood and the architecture. I came to appreciate many places that I walk by and don’t think much about. The food was excellent, fresh, and locally sourced. This tour uncovers many hidden gems of DC that you won’t find on a big tour bus. If you have friends coming in from out of town that are tired of the museums and monuments, try this tour. It won’t disappointmichael h.

This was my very first food tour, and it was a fun experience. All the locations we went to were very different, which kept things interesting! The route that we walked was scenic and the weather was pleasant. DC can get hot though, so bring a water bottle! I’d never been to any of the places we stopped at, but then again, I haven’t explored DC very extensively. My favorite dishes were the risotto and the gelato. Dave, our tour guide, was great!Viv g

Mangia was amazing! A great way to see the city! Dave was a great guide. Really enjoyed the Canoli deserts and the stories about the heritage of the city. I’d love to take another food tour – it’s a great and inexpensive way to get a taste of an entire city’s cuisine.scott m.


“I went on this tour a 2nd time and loved it again. This time around I met a friend in town and wanted her to experience this as a local. She loved it too :)

The Italian cuisine was delicious, the tour guide was knew his stuff in the neighborhood I was in and full at the end. Georgetown Foodie Tour, next time I’m in town, your next! “felonia

I lived in DuPont for the last year and had absolutely no idea how many local Italian places there were so close to where I had been living. This was the first food tour I’ve been on, and of course, the day we went was the coldest day we have had in DC all winter! Dave, our tour guide, was absolutely fantastic. We received an email prior to the tour instructing us that we would spend some time outside and to remind us to bundle up. He even brought hand warmers for everyone on the tour. We visited 4 restaurants and the food was delicious at each location. It was great getting to learn about the Italian history in DuPont, as well as eat some great food. Great experience all around, and I would highly recommend it.emily g.

I went on one of the first food tours with Mangia DC, and had a great experience. The tour guide was super knowledgeable and friendly, and made the whole experience fun and informative. I’ve lived in DC for 6 years, and I loved learning about hidden gems in my own city. The food was great. The filet mignon ravioli was amazing, and I’ve already been back to one of the other stops for brunch!laura g.

Tour Map

Meeting Point: 1933-1999 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20009

See full direction